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Kookaburra Larch Small Breeding Cage x 4(KOOK5)
The Kookaburra Larch is a stylish and simple set of four breeding cages.
Kookaburra Pine - Small Bird Breeding Cage x 2 (KOOK4)
The Kookaburra Pine is designed for simplicity. Whilst very strong, it simply fold together and takes minutes to build and take down.
Help to start the treatment in nests, pigeon lofts, chicken coops, cages and aviaries - M, L and XL prevorus tubes included
Kookaburra Birch Small Bird Breeding Cage (KOOK2)
The Kookaburra Birch cage is perfect for those looking for a cage that is both strong, durable and very easy to construct and take down.
Kookaburra Cherry Double Wire Breeding Cage x4 (Kook16)
Finches, canaries, budgies, cockatiels.
Kookaburra Cherry Double Wire Breeding Cage x4 (Kook16)
Overall height 150cm width 59cm depth 26cm
Kookaburra Chestnut - Small Double Breeding/Holding Cage x 6 (KOOK12)
Another stylish breeding cage from Kookaburra cages. The Kookaburra Chestnut comes flat packed and is very easy to put together and take down so that itĀ can be packed up at the end of the season.
Kookaburra Elm Small Bird Breeding Cage (KOOK3)
The Kookaburra Elm is one of the most versatile cages you will come across.
Kookaburra Hazel Parrot Breeding Cage (KOOK7)
The Kookaburra Hazel cage has specialĀ features that make it truly unique.
Kookaburra Holly Breeding Cage (KOOK8)
The Kookaburra Holly is the ultimate in versatile cages.
Kookaburra Oak Small Bird Breeding Cage (KOOK1)
This high quality cage is made with powdered coated metal and is extremely easy to put together.
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