Mite Predator

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Androlis is biological control method to control mite population on your birds. At last a solution to eradicate Red and Northern Mites and nature has given us the answer! Mite predators are mites which survive by eating other mites, their larvae and eggs as well. This is their only purpose and they have no interest at all in birds themselves, but will eat any mite they find on poultry, racing pigeons, babies and exotic birds. They will travel over a meter from where you place them to find food and will breed while they are finding mites to eat. When there are no more mites to eat they will die. Mite Predators are a live product and they come in a media which will keep them active for up to 10 days until you release the into your bird room, but as soon as you receive the predators they should be used straight away for maximum effect. These are live mites and chemicals used to kill mites will kill them too. Your bird room should be FREE from chemicals for these to be effective. If you have treated your bird room, PIGEON LOFT or CHICKEN COOP but you have mites in your nests then simply add a teaspoon of the predators to the nests and they will immediately start eating all mites, pupae and mite eggs. Once the nests have been cleared predators will continue their travels looking for more mites to eat.