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Parrot Food

 We have a large range of parrot seed mixtures to suit every need. The species specific Harveys parrot diets are very popular for individual pet parrot diets. Both the select range and natural range of parrot mixtures are design from the start to be balanced parrot diets. The Colonels range of parrot seed mixtures are produced in the UK as a low cost but high quality parrot diets.   Our best selling parrot seed mixture is the Witte Molen Parrot Premium Plus parrot mixture which we bring in from Holland and is sold to many breeders and zoos in the Uk.

Parrot Seed Mixtures
Seed mixtures for all parrots including Macaws African Greys, Amazons, Cockatoos and all small parrot species.
Parrot Pellets
Various pelleted diets for parrots. Complete Diet - is food for the mind as well as body of your parrot.
Parrot Soaking and Cooking Mixtures
Providing a much better dietary balance when combined with a parrot seed mixture leading to happy, healthier parrots.
Parrot Delicatessan
The “Delicatessen” range, which is produced using only human grade ingredients . A treat for any parrots.
Nuts (inc Palm), Palm Extract and Sugar Cane
All of our Nuts, Palm nuts, Cedar nuts are best quailty from the suppliers we have found over last 18 years.
Dried Fruits
Best quality dried fruits including Dried Papaya, Banana Chips and sultanas which are used in most zoos.
Straights & Berries
Straights and berries that be added to any parrot seed mixture, parrot diet or parrot food to give more variation.
Hand Rearing Formulas
A range of hand-rearing formulas from Rob Harvey Specialist Feeds for your birds, including Kay-tee and Avi-plus. Great food for chicks at the age of 2 weeks.
Lorikeet Nectars
Avi-Plus Special Lorikeet Nectar is for feeding the loorikeets, sunbirds, tanagers, sugar birds and humming birds.
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