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Small Bird Food

Rob Harvey Specialist Feeds have massive range of small seed mixtures for Finches, Canaries and seed eating birds. We also import a large range of straights so you mix these with your diets for all small species of birds. We have millet sprays, elderberries, mountain ash berries and many more seeds and fruits that can be added to enhance your birds diet.

Small Bird Seed Mixture and Straights
Rob Harvey Specialist Feeds have seed mixtures for Budgies, Canaries, Green finches, Bull Finches, parakeets, siskins to name a few.
Harveys & Witte Molen Eggfoods - complete rearing foods for seed eaters and softbills & complementary fortifying softfood with vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids
Soft  & Universal Foods
Soft and Universal foods offered by us are low in iron and can be used as complete food for insect and fruit eating birds.
Live Foods
Mealworms, Crickets, Locusts, Waxmoth Larvae etc
Canary Nutribird C15
A scientifically-balanced bird food that excludes all nutritional deficiencies.
We Deliver!
To Most UK Postcodes