ZuPreem Real Rewards Garden Mix for Medium Parrots 6 oz

Product code: ZPRRGM
ZuPreem Real Rewards Garden Mix Treats for Medium Parrots offers a delicious blend of carrots, peas, almonds and zucchini to provide rewards for those special moments your customer shares with their bird. 

This delicious Real Rewards Garden Mix can be used as a prize for good behaviour, to add to foraging toys for a Parrot to enjoy retrieving or just to show a Parrot how much they are loved. 

- Carrots are full of important vitamins and minerals
- Almonds are high in Vitamin E and carbohydrates
- Peas have lots of useful nutrients
- Zucchini helps a bird maintain good health

Use the resealable bag to ensure the Parrot's treats stay fresh.


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