Ardap 750ml

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Product Description

Ardap is effective immediately and up to six weeks after application. Can be used against flying and crawling insects including flies and other Ditera, beetles, cockroaches,, moths, silver fish, spiders, wood-lice, ants and mites in domestic and public hygiene areas including Dovecoats, bird cages, animal boxes and kennels.


Places preferred by flies and other pests are treated with ARDAP spray from a distance of approximately 30 cm until the surface is seen to be slightly moist. Do not treat animals and animal feed by spraying. The ARDAP spray kills insects immediately upon contact. Spraying surfaces and objects provides long-term protection for up to six weeks. Shake the can well before use. Use of ARDAP is not accompanied by any unpleasant smell ! Ensure adequate ventilation after use. If sensitive or polished surfaces are to be treated, first test on a small, unobtrusive area. Do not spray so much that the surface becomes wet. Stop spraying before a running or streaky film appears. The thin coating dries without leaving a stain


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Product Code OPO0020
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