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Rob Harvey
Avicultural Consultant

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Rob Harvey was Curator and owner of Birdworld, the UK’s biggest bird park, for over 20 years and has travelled the world designing and landscaping new parks and lecturing as an avian consultant on most aspects of avian husbandry.

Most of Rob’s work is conceptual design - it is far better to use local planners, architects and builders; but the difficulty with many of these new exhibits - whether they be private or in a zoo - is getting the correct balance between what is displayed and the correct environment for the birds.

There are many things to remember when designing a new exhibit or aviary such as location & making the most of the sun, size of mesh for the birds as well as mesh that birds can be viewed through, plants for your climate & types of plant that will display the birds well, perching of the correct size and placed so no faeces will soil the plants or detract from the view, substrate suitable for the species you intend to keep, nesting sites, feeding areas to discourage birds fighting in a mixed exhibit and these are only a sample of the various areas that must be studied to produce a unique and easy to maintain exhibit. This is the area of conceptual design where Rob’s many years’ experience will achieve unique exhibits.

aviary design

Please do not hesitate to contact Rob Harvey if you have any questions at all about new projects or ideas you want to bring to life.