EXPERT Large Parakeets 5 KG

Product code: XLP5KG

A mixture for parakeets with amongst others sunflower seed, safflower seed and canary seed
  • Varied selection of seeds
  • High palatability
  • Wit extra canary seed
  • Birds eat as often as they need to. Make sure the animals
    eat all ingredients and provide fresh food regularly.
    Always give unlimited access to fresh water.
    Store in a cool and dark place.
Yellow millet, white millet, canary seed (10%), sunflower seed (10%), safflower seed (9%), wheat, buckwheat, oats, peeled oats, red dari, paddy rice, white dari, red millet, hemp seed
  • Crude protein 11,88 %
  • Crude fat 8,89 %
  • Crude fibre 11,6 %
  • Crude ash 3,25 %
  • Calcium ,36 g/kg
  • Phosphorus 2,53 g/kg
  • Sodium ,13 g/kg


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Brand Witte Molen
Condition New
Product Code XLP5KG
Weight 5kg