Kookaburra Almond

Product code: KOOK35
The large and practical Kookaburra Almond Cage includes several inventive features that make it the ideal cage for larger birds.  It includes a large wooden perch and 4 feeding/drinking bowls inside the cage with an easy-access design that allows you to easily remove each bowl separately without having to reach inside the cage. There is also a debris catcher around the skirting of the cage to help reduce mess and a useful 
storage shelf underneath - perfect for accessories and essentials. 

The Kookaburra Almond cage also come with a brilliant playtop that can be placed on top of the cage. The playtop includes 4 ladders, 2 extra feeding bowls, another wooden perch and a treat overhang. 

Suitable For:
Large Birds

61 x 56 x 167cm
24 x 22 x 66 inches

- 4 x feeding/drinking bowls with easy access
- Large wooden perch
- Debris catcher
- Storage shelf
- Cage Playtop with 4 ladders, wooden perch, 2 feedings bowls and treat overhang.


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Brand Kookaburra Cages
Code KOOK35
Condition New
Weight 5kg