Silent Crickets

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(Extra Large) 20-30mm, (Large) 15-20mm, (Standard) 12-18mm, (Medium) 7-11mm,
(Medium/Small)  5-7mm, (Small)  4-5mm

Silent crickets provide a highly nutritious diet for both birds and reptiles. Silent crickets are bred on a protein rich meal of bran and potato blended specially for cricket rearing. They are a safe and clean live food, rich in protein and easy to store. Originating from the West Indies Silent crickets or Gryllus assimilis also have the common name Field Cricket. In the wild Field crickets prefer to live outdoors, but will move inside when environmental conditions become unfavourable. Unlike House crickets, which can adapt themselves to indoor conditions, the field cricket will die by early winter
Silent crickets, especially the large and adult variety will chrip when seeking a mate. They have an amazing growth rate, from hatching from its egg pod to being able to reproduce itself only takes a silent cricket 35-42 days under ideal conditions. Crickets are the world’s most commonly used live food for feeding to birds and they are relatively safe to travel in cold weather.



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