DAMAGE IN TRANSIT You are responsible for checking goods on delivery. You must always check you have received the correct number of parcels and that there are no damages or pilferage. If you or a member of staff or another person accepting the item sign the drivers delivery note ‘clear or blank’ (ie. Parcels received in good condition) without noting damages or missing parcels we will NOT raise credits or send replacements if damages or missing items are found later. The delivery driver will HAVE to wait for a signature whilst the item is checked. You should inform us of any signed for damages or missing items within 24 hours. We always request a copy of the delivery note you signed. Damages or missing items claims will not be accepted if the note is signed ‘received in good condition’. If in doubt ring us on receipt of the delivery and before signing the drivers note.

GUARANTEED ON GOODS SUPPLIED Unless otherwise stated in writing the warranty on all goods supplied will be limited to material failure or defective workmanship. If goods should prove to be defective and accepted as such by the seller, arrangements should be made with the seller who at their discretion, may replace them or refund the price paid. No warranty will apply to goods to which unauthorised repairs have been made. The seller shall not be liable for any consequential loss, damage, expense or injury resulting from the supply of such goods.

DESCRIPTIONS The photographs, illustrations, dimensions, specifications and type numbers quoted are only a guide. Continued product delivery dictates product appearance and performance may vary slightly.

RESERVATION OF TITLE In all dealings the following clauses shall apply. All goods sold by the seller shall be and remain the property of the seller until the purchase price and any other payments due are paid in full and in addition all goods shall remain the property of the seller until all sums are paid in full irrespective of any subsequent sale to any third party and irrespective of any receiver or liquidator. In addition the seller shall be entitled, and the buyer grants to the seller a license to enter upon the premises of the buyer during normal business hours for the purpose of removing such goods and to remove such goods from the buyers premises in the event of non-payment within the terms specified.
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